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The E-Werk accommodates up to 2.000 guests. On a ground area from 50 to 1.630 m² you can host any kind of event. We are pleased to help you  arrange some great concerts or events like galas, balls, banquets, congresses, trade fairs, promotions, product presentations, incentives  and many more.

Main hall E-Werk:

  • ground area 800m²
  • clearance height 9,50m
  • gable height 13,30m
  • 2 fixed bars

Main hall / gallery E-Werk:

  • ground area 500m²
  • clearance height stage right 2,74m
  • clearance height opposite to stage 4m
  • 1 fixed bar 

Side hall E-Werk:

  • ground area 320m²
  • clearance height 9,50m
  • gable height 13,30m
  • 1 mobil bar

Foyer E-Werk:

  • ground area 130m²
  • clearance height 3m
  • 1 fixed bar

Dynamo Lounge E-Werk:

  • ground area 90m²
  • clearance height 2,80m
  • 1 fixed snack bar

Beer garden / Outdoor area E-Werk:

  • ground area 780m²
  • not roofed

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