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Can I buy tickets at the E-Werk?

No, you can not buy tickets at the E-Werk. You can buy tickets for public events at the common ticket agencies or online.

For more information please see our program. 

Is there a Box office?
At sold out concerts the box office is closed. Otherwise it will open with doors open. 

Can I reserve or recline tickets?
No. Please contact the ticket agency for any reservations

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Can I bring food and beverages into the E-Werk?

It is not permitted to bring alcoholic or non- alcoholic beverages and food into the E-Werk.

We offer a wide variety of food and beverages during the event.

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Photographies, picture and sound recordings

Photographies, pictures and sound recordings are prohibited.

It is also not permitted to bring professional cameras such as reflex cameras.

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Lost Property

For lost property please contact the staff at the location or contact our office at +49 (0)221 - 96 79 0 Mo. - Fr. from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

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Please contact the local promoter for accreditation or press material requests.

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Law for the protection of the youth

Please pay attention to the law for the protection of the youth while attending a public event at the E-Werk. In special cases you will find informations in the program or in the attached PDF.

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Bringing object into the E-Werk

It is not permitted to bring bottles, cans or other objects, food or beverages. Furthermore it is not allowed to bring animals or weapons.

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