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Technical specifications

A professional team of event managers knows what it takes to create a great ambience… and knows what is expected of a reliable technical infrastructure. We have taken the flexible approach of  the E-Werk further in terms of acoustics, lighting and stage set-up. The basic equipment can be extended as needed, and external devices can be easily integrated. In order to ensure maximum professionalism, we work together with reliable partners who add technical highlights, whether for a rock concert or a gala.


  • height adjustable Schnakenberger Platforms (3x1m elements)
  • standard stage measurement: 16 x 8 x 1,5m
  • the size of height and space is variable (height from 0,8 – 1,5m)
  • additional stages can be build with existing stage material of the kind fork root platforms from 0,2 – 1m
  • the carrying capacity is 750kg per m²


  • The whole E-Werk has a sturdy all-purpose floor. For example: the halls are accessible with cars..


  • The roof is build up of  a steel construction
  • Upstage the E-Werk has a weight suspending point load of 500kg. Bigger loads have to be checked with in-house Rigger or the technical director. Furthermore there is a front- and backtruss (self secured, mobil on BGV D8+ motor 1 t) plus capstan motors (BGV D8 motors) 
  • In the whole main and side hall the suspending point load is 500kg. Higher loadas have to be checked with in-house Rigger or the technical director 
  • beams mainhall:
    • 3 Traverse drives, each hanging on 2 BGV DB motors (0,5 t)  can be used.
  • beams above stage:
    • 2 Traverse drives, each on 2 BGV C1 motors (1t)
  • beams side hall:
    • 4 Traverse drives, each on 2 BGV D8 motors (0,5 t)
  • Rigging works are only to be performed by our in-house rigger

Current / bus current

Lighting current stage right – 3m distance from stage angle

  • 1 x CEE 125A 380V 5pol ( 1x CEE 125A upstage right dimmercity)
  • 3 x CEE 63A 380V 5pol
  • 2 x CEE 32A 380V 5pol
  • 1 x CEE 16A 380V 5pol
  • 3 x Schuko socket
  • 1 x 250 A 
  • 1 x 400A Powerlock adapter

Sound current stage left – 3m distance from stage angle

  • 1 x CEE 125A 380V 5pol
  • 1 x CEE 63A 380V 5pol
  • 2 x CEE 32A 380V 5pol
  • 1 x CEE 16A 380V 5pol
  • 3 x Schuko socket

Bus current

  • On request!

Ventilation/ Heating

  • the whole E-Werk has a ventilation system which is also used for heating! (no aircondition)

Light and Sound

Hall light mainhall: 


  • 06 Strand studio 2 kW frensel lens, rod operable, plus 10 PAR 64, all incl. dimmer 

Hall light sidehall: 

  • 8 x 6 Bar  PAR 64, 2x6 Bar per traverse drive incl. dimmer and control technology (DMX), (has to be engaged)

Acoustic irradiation sidehall:

  • Small acoustic enclosure for backround music
  • 2 Top pieces JBL T 771, 2 x Bass JBL P 740
  • Amplifier 2 x QSC Mx 3000a, 1 x JBL MPA 1100

Acoustic irradiation for foyer and Dynamo lounge on request

Delivery backstage

  • Approx. 300m² drivable
  • Load in and out of 2 trucks isochronous at the loading platform
  • Two additional options for delivery backstage via platforms


  • In-house mojo barrier

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